Potap & MOZGI

Alexei “Potap” Potapenko, born in Kiev on May 8, 1981 is a Ukrainian producer, singer-songwriter, composer, water polo player, and vocal coach. He performs in Russian. The son of Lyudmila Potapenko, a world champion diver, Potap was primarily engaged in swimming and water polo as a child. Despite devoting nearly all his free time to […]

Max Korzh / Макс Корж

Max Korzh (Макс Корж) is a contemporary Belarusian rap/hip-hop singer. While most of his music is in Russian, he does have the odd song or video clip that includes some Belarusian. Korzh attended musical school outside Brest, Belarus, and founded his first band, LunClan, with some friends when he was 16. The band, along with his next […]

Krovostok / Кровосток

Krovostok (Кровосток) is a Russian hip-hop group from Moscow. Formed in 2003, Krovostok consists of Shilo (Шило, stage name of Anton Chernyak, Антон Черняк) on vocals, producer Feldman (Фельдман, stage name of Dmitri Fain, Дмитрий Файн), and beatmaker and backing vocalist Fantomas 2000 (Фантомас 2000). The band is know for their liberal use of profanity […]

Potap and Nastya / Потап и Настя

Potap and Nastya (Потап и Настя) are a Ukrainian pop/rock duo. They sing mainly in Russian, occasionally in English, and rarely in Ukrainian. Their linguistic preferences have brought them controversy in their native Ukraine, but they remain a highly popular contemporary group, and they affirm that they are fully Ukrainian, despite singing in Russian. The group consists […]

Staisha/Miss Baas

Staisha is the stage-name for one Nastya Aleksandrina (Настя Александрина), a Moscow-born hip-hop, reggae, and R&B singer/songwriter. Trained as a singer from a young age, she would go on to graduate from the Gnessin State Musical College, where she studied jazz and pop vocal styles. Although she began her career as a backup singer for […]


5’nizza (pronounced “Pyatnitsa,” Russian for “Friday”) is a Russian duet who plays across the genres of hip-hop, reggae, and funk. Originally from Kharkiv, 5’nizza existed from 2000 until 2007 and then, after a long hiatus, re-formed in 2015. They have played shows around Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the United States. 5’nizza consists of Sergei Babkin […]

Boombox / Бумбокс

Boombox is a Ukrainian band from Kiev that mixes various musical styles, including rock, hip-hop, and funk. Formed in 2004 by vocalist Andrei Khlyvnyuk (Андрій Хливнюк) and guitarist Andrei Samoilo (Андрій Самойло), they have released a steady stream of albums and collaborative projects since their inception and built a loyal following throughout Ukraine, Russia, and […]

Geegun / Джиган

Geegun (Джиган) is the stage name for Ukrainian born hip-hop artist and DJ Denis Aleksandrovich Ustimenko-Weinstein (Денис Александрович Устименко-Вайнштейн). The artist has remarked upon his adopted name as a combination of the second half of the American hip-hop abbreviation for “original gangster”—O.G.—and a transliteration of the English “gun,” due to his fondness for firearms. Besides being […]

Quest Pistols Show

Quest Pistols Show (simply Quest Pistols until 2014) is a unique and unusual Russian/Ukrainian … band, for lack of a better word. They often refer to themselves as a “show” (шоу) instead, and in their own words have, over the course of their existence, transformed from an “amateur ballet and freak boy band to a […]

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